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Our Favorite Products

For Tea Lovers and Herbalists

We get so many questions about herbs, herbal tea, and some of the equipment we use here in the shop that we've dedicated this page to the fun things we know you would love to have from outside of our store.

Disclaimer: Some of the links provided are associate links. Using those links will help us earn a small commission off of what you might purchase at no extra cost to you.

My Favorite Teapot

Click here to check out the most elegant and satisfying tea steeping experience if found so far!

Glass Rose Teacups

These aren't exactly the same as mine but they're even better, in my opinion!

Our First Publication!

As students of herbalism and herbal tea blenders, we found the need to be able to compile our notes in a convenient place so we've created The Herbalist's Tea Tasting Journal to tackle the job. This tea blending companion is meant for the study of individual herbal ingredients to help guide you as you learn the ins and outs of the herb world.

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