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Frequently Asked Questions

Find Your Answers Here!

Over time, we've found that our clients have raised some common questions. We'll do our best to answer them here but, if you cannot find your answer, you are always welcome to reach out to us via email, Facebook, Instagram, or ETSY.

Ragdoll Cat

Q. Does Posh City Pets only have products for birds?

A. We began by offering products for dogs and cats but our bird products quickly took over and they have really been our focus over the last two years. We have created a chinchilla blend and are also releasing an amazing organic catnip blend for your feline friends. Keep an eye on our shop!

Q. How do you brew avian tea?

A. Our teas can be prepared in much the same way you would brew your own herbal tea. For the birds, we like to cool and dilute the finished product to help the bird become accustomed to the new flavors. Please visit our Avian Tea page to see a demonstration video and read about how best to prepare your avian tea.

Q. Is it safe to give my bird tea every day?

A. While our teas are blended to be pet-friendly, several of the ingredients we utilize are also known in herbalism for their medicinal properties. Just like with people, occasional use is perfectly safe but repeated use of any one herb could cause unwanted build up of certain constituents. If your bird enjoys herbal tea, we recommend rotating different blends into their diets. This increases variety and lowers the risk of unintended effects. As always, please consult your avian veterinarian any time you plan to supplement your bird's diet.

Q. Can we buy Posh City Pets products in stores?

A. We are excited to announce that a select group of our products will be reaching store shelves soon! For the time being, our main outlet for our products is our ETSY shop. Blends created for Marlene Mc'Cohen can be purchased on her website,

We also sell products in person locally through craft shows and bird fairs. If you are in our area, be sure to follow us on social media to see when and where you can visit!

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