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Marlene Mc'Cohen's Avian Tea Blends

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

When we were approached by internet sensation Marlene Mc'Cohen to develop a new and exclusive Whatcha Brewin'? avian tea for her birds, we jumped at the chance!

If you don't know her yet, Marlene Mc'Cohen is a bird rights advocate and guru who hosts a popular YouTube channel (240,000+ subscribers at the time of posting). She shares her bird expertise there, as well as on several other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Our first exclusive bird tea collaboration was produced to help celebrate the her cockatoo Jersey's birthday. That blend went out as a surprise to all of her Feathered Fun Box subscribers in 2019 and she now carries it for sale on her bird product website, Parrot Station.

Jersey's Birthday Blend combines organic chamomile, organic red raspberry leaf, and organic hibiscus flowers for a smooth pink drink that can be hot or cold brewed (always serve cooled to birds). Chamomile is well-known for it's calming properties, which makes this tea wonderful for a late-night treat. Marlene and her husband George are big fans of the flavor and suggest adding a squeeze of lemon to your own glass for a twist.

Our second collaboration (released in July 2020) is Vinny's Brew. Vinny is Marlene's rose breasted cockatoo with a tough-guy reputation. He even has his own gang! Vinny's brew is simple but bold. The blend consists of organic peppermint leaf and organic rose and is fantastic as a morning pick-me-up or to help settle troubled tummies.

Rocky's Blue Moon Brew is the first of our color-changing teas! The magic happens because of the inclusion of blue butterfly pea flower which is reactive to Ph changes. A drop or two of lemon juice will not only change the color of your tea, but add a bit of Vitamin C, as well.

Blu's Fairy Berry Tea comes with a bit of mystical lore related to the elderberry tree. Blu has long been known as the fairy of the Mc'Cohen flock and a few more details can be found on the back of the package, if you would like to check it out for yourself. Bonus - this is another color-changing tea!

Mai Thai Tea takes our tisanes in a whole new direction! Blended to remind us of life on the coast, Thai's recipe includes real pineapple pieces for a tropical vibe. Chill out on the beach (or in your living room) with this cool cockatoo's favorite drink.

All of our blends can be brewed and served separately from your bird's water or can be offered dry. You can even bake them into birdy bread! We like to sprinkle it directly onto our birds' chop.

Be sure to check out these formulas at or visit the Posh City Pets Etsy shop to discover even more natural goodies for your pets. Also, don't forget to follow Posh City Pets and Marlene Mc'Cohen on our social channels to keep up with the latest in bird products and entertainment!

For more information on the potential benefits of avian teas, follow this link ---> Avian Tea from Posh City Pets

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